Wm. Max Abramowitz

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System Administration
Operating Systems: Windows (All Versions), Linux (Slackware & Redhat), Macintosh, Sun/Solaris
Networking: Windows, Samba, Novell, NFS/NIS, TCP/IP, AppleShare
Applications: Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, Cold Fusion, CVS
Security: IPTables, IPChains, SSH, Tripwire, Portsentry, Logwatch
Languages: Visual Basic, C, Pascal, Scheme, Hypertalk; familiar with C++, Unix Shell, HTML, XML, Java, Javascript, Java Server Pages

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Foxpro, Access, Paradox and Dbase; ODBC and SQL.

Publications & Writing Credits
LAN Times In the Trenches 19 January 1998
The Uncommon Entrepreneur and The Canadian Small Business Survival Guide Collaborated with author Benj Gallander to write chapters on utilizing computers, technology, and the Internet for small businesses

Mad River Post

Client: Mad River is a offline video post production house (which is a fancy way of saying they make television commercials) with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, and San Fransico. Their clients are the top advertising firms in the United States.
Project: Oversee all aspects of the Mad River network and computing environment, this includes but is not limited to backup and recover proceedures, network and system security, internal and external email servers, and system installations and upgrades.
Technology: OS X & OS X Server, Netboot, Macintosh Manager, Redhat Linux, IMAP, POP

Crimson Technologies

Client: Crimson Technologies is a network consulting group based in Lake Sucess, Long Island. Their clients include a broad range of fortune 500 financial services firms located throughout the United States and Canada.
Project: Worked with one of Crimson Technologies key clients to migrate a legacy database application to Access 2002/SQL Server running on a Windows Terminal Server. Project involved communicating with client to discover their needs and requirements and design, development, and implementation of the new application.
Technology: Visual Basic, Access 2002, Microsoft SQL Server.
Exis Consulting
NYC, NY & Panama City, Panama
Client: Exis Consulting is an international software consulting company specializing in emerging market trading system.
Project: Design and develop an add-on software module enabling organizations to manage their mutual fund business. Module functionality included customer creation, order entry, order validation, transaction pricing, fund management, and reporting. Implemented Newton's method to calculate internal rate of return for calculating fund performance over various time periods (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, first of year, and life to date). Project required interaction with top level executives (CFO, CEO, and controller) of first customer implementing software. Oversaw and executed requirements gathering, specification and system design, software development and implementation.
Technology: Visual Basic, Microsoft Transaction Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Message Queue Server.
Department of Neurology - Weill Medical College
New York Presbyterian Hospital
Client: NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System is a federation of top-quality hospitals, specialty institutes, and continuing care centers throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
Project: Build and implement a system for doctors to enter and manage patient consults. Requirements included consult entry, editing, and reporting in addition to being able to access data from any location within the hospital. Involved in all aspects of the project from requirements gathering to implementation.
Technology: Linux, Resin, Apache, MySQL
Jivamukti Yoga Center
Client: Jivamukti Yoga Center is the largest and most successful yoga center in New York City.
Project: Implement a redesign of Jivamukti Yoga Center's online boutique from initial proposal, through site design, development and implementation. Responsibilities included managing client relationship and a team of five java, JSP, HTML, and Linux developers.
Technology: Linux, Java, JSP, Tomcat, Apache, MySQL
Macedon Mediature
Client: Macedon Mediature is an ASP offering web based project management, scheduling, and knowledge management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.
Project: Provided a variety of consulting servers for Macedon Mediature including system installation and configuration, network security analysis, system administration and integration, and high level technology consulting and research.
Technology: Windows 2000, Cold Fusion, SQL Server, IIS, Linux
ShareAPhoto Limited
Reading, United Kingdom
Client: ShareAPhoto is an ASP offering online photo albums, image sharing, photographic printing, community, and commerce services to brick and mortar photo finishers, vertical community, and portal websites.
Project: Design and build a windows based application providing a two-way communication channel between ShareAPhoto back end servers and Axiom FotoWorkFlow (a hardware and software work flow for automating the developing slides and prints of standard film and digital images). Application provided two key services: download user print orders and input into Axiom work flow queue in order to automatically produce photo prints and upload digitized images produced from standard film into ShareAPhoto member albums. Application designed to run in background with minimal user intervention.
Technology: Visual Basic, Microsoft XML Parser, Microsoft WinINet API
JDM Interactive
NYC, New York
Client: JDM Interactive is a technology consultancy firm based in New York's Silicon Alley.
Project: Oversee installation and configuration of network and telecommunications build out and expansion. Develop and implement security and backup policies and procedures. Setup and configure network firewall. Monitor network to insure peak performance. Provide project management services for a variety of web development and Macromedia Flash projects.
Technology: Windows 2000, Linux, IIS, Apache, Java, JSP, HTML, Visual Basic, Shell scripting, Flash
Bond Street Dojo
NYC, New York
Client: Bond Street Dojo is a non-profit martial arts school based in New York City.
Project: Ongoing management and maintenance of the Bond Street Dojo website. Responsibilities include setting up and monitoring backup processes and managing a collection of email list servers.
Technology: Linux, BSD, Apache, SSH, rsync, Mailman
Oliver, Wyman & Co. & eRisks.com
NYC, New York
January 1997-January 2000
Software Guru
Served as in-house software developer and technical consultant for Oliver, Wyman & Co., a management consulting company to the financial services industry.  Eclectic mix of reponsibilities include software development, reporting on current trends in technology, programming instruction to consultants and staff, managing various ongoing internal and external software projects.
EXIS Consulting Inc.
NYC, New York
May 1994-December 1996
Visual Basic/Database Developer
Created and maintained ATS/Vision, a multi-user front-office trading system using Visual Basic and Foxpro. System performs trade analysis, position tracking, and risk management in real-time using client/server techniques. Responsible for implementing and supervising system testing and handling client problems and requests. Setup TCP/IP network on Windows NT platform. Installed and configured Internet mailserver and webserver.
Republic National Bank of New York, Emerging Markets Trading Desk
NYC, New York
December 1993-March 1994
Database Consultant
Developed various Excel and Paradox programs to automate trading operations. Using Excel macros, created dialog boxes to calculate accrued interest, book value, and other statistics aiding front office trade analysis. Created Excel macros assisting middle office operations staff in confirming trades. Built multi-user Paradox database application to overcome shortcomings in outside vendor's trading system. The application imported and aggregated data from several separate trading portfolios allowing users to create and report on global trading portfolio.
University of Chicago, Department of Obstetrics
Chicago, Illinois
Network/Systems Administrator
September 1992-October 1993
Oversaw all aspects of running a 100+ user Mac, PC, NeXT, and Sun client-server computer and TCP/IP network environment, centered on a Sun 4/330 server running NFS/NIS and SMTP (Email) services. Supervised computer slide presentation system. Instructed users on system operation and presentation design fundamentals. Handled computer and network purchasing, installation, upgrading and expansion. Analyzed data security/disaster recovery plan; implemented improvements that enhanced performance and assured data integrity. Installed scanner system to replace inefficient data storage and retrieval procedures. Troubleshot administrative and user operations to maximize system efficiency.
University of Chicago, Department of Neurology
Chicago, IL
Research Assistant/Network Manager
August 1991-September 1992
Designed and ran neurology research experiments involving computer driven data acquisition and custom software analysis. Administered the mission-critical Novell network for EEG/Sleep Clinic. This involved backing up and archiving nightly patient EEG data and synchronizing the system with the U.S. Naval Observatory Atomic Clock.
University of Chicago, Department of Computer Science
Chicago, Illinois
Computer Lab Assistant
September 1988-December 1991
Worked in the Macintosh/NeXT/Sun student lab providing individual instruction and network trouble-shooting. Set up Macintosh image processing workstation.
University of Chicago, B.A. Geography, June 1991
Stuyvesant High School, June 1987